10 Cool Facts About Frozen Food

We don’t think much about our frozen foods, do we?

From an open can of frozen peas to zip-loc bags of mango purée, to refrozen and syrupy bars of icy lollies, ice packs for emergencies and a loaf of banana bread that you bought on a 2-for-1 sale, and that now has crystals all over it, our freezers are always overflowing with numerous items that we love tossing in – for whatever reason.

Frozen foods can easily be taken for granted.

Why you ask?

Well, you have some smart packaging going on with them, a gazillion choices, tons of delicious ice cream – all because you know that their existence depends on convenience, simplicity and ease of use.

But did you know that frozen foods have a long and complicated backstory, with an even longer scientific evolution? Plus, there is a debate over pizza origins which could boggle your mind – take a look on this article on 10 best foods to eat.

And that is why we present to you 10 Cool Facts about Frozen Foods.

Read, enjoy and freeze!

Frozen Food Fact #1 – Cool facts about the frozen food industry in the U.S.

The U.S. economy has had a major impact on it by the frozen food industry. If you take into account the latest numbers from the AFFI – American Frozen Food Institute, here is what you get:

Enjoys a current market value of more than $53 billion.

Over 670,000 employees working across the nation.

Workers get $35 billion in income.

Federal tax payments paid annually is $7.2 billion.

$4.1 billion paid in state and local taxes per annum.

Frozen Food Fact #2 – Frozen edibles don’t require any added preservatives.

This is because disease-causing microbes cannot grow at a temperature which is less than 0°F. So, all your food remains safe in the freezer naturally.

Pro Tip – Be careful of unfrozen or thawing food as microbes start multiplying once the temperature comes down.

Frozen Food Fact #3 – Myth busted – freezer food loses its nutrients.

That is just a myth as freezing your edibles will not take away from their nourishing properties.

Frozen Food Fact #4 – Freezer burn is a normal part of freezing food.

When food is properly frozen, it can go through a color change, or lead to freezer burn. The burn is due to the fact that air strikes the frozen food and allows the ice to sublimate.

And color variations could be due to poor packaging material, or long periods of freezing times.

Our Advice – Do give it a sniff or two before digging in with your fork and spoon.

Frozen Food Fact #5 – Philosopher Francis Bacon is reported to have died due to a chill that he got when he was trying to freeze food by stuffing a whole chicken with a lot of snow. This happened in 1626.

Frozen Food Fact #6 – Guess who is the father of Frozen Foods?

The unofficial father of frozen foods worldwide is the scientist, professor and engineer – Carl Paul Gottfried Linde. With his help, industrial cooling was pioneered through the Hampson-Linde cycle, and his research led to the formation of an ice and refrigeration machine in the 19th century.

Frozen Food Fact #7 – The invention of frozen pizza to the grocery store market is a long and complicated debate.

Two companies – Totino’s and Tombstone both argue that they were the first to do so.

In fact, the Celentano Brothers, with their Italian specialty pizza place in the 1950s in New Jersey are the makers of the first frozen pizza in the year 1957.

Frozen Food Fact #8 – Clarence Birdseye was the one who revolutionized the frozen food industry by introducing the idea of flash freezing to the world.

He worked as a taxidermist initially which involved killing coyotes, before his ‘Aha’ moment in the Arctic when he discovered that instantly frozen fish tastes much better than fish that had been delayed in freezing.

Frozen Food Fact #9 – The Chinese have been discovered to have utilized ice cellars for freezing their perishables around 1000BC.

Frozen Food Fact #10 – March 6th is National Frozen Foods Day.